happy birthday
To my darling, my sweetheart, my miracle, panalangin,
and my husband to be.

Hi. Oh my god. Coding this took me nearly 2 hours with my limited knowledge after never touching CSS, but it was all worth it for you. I wasn't able to give you a handwritten letter kasi (nagwhip at naenae) wala ako dyan at kulang pamasahe ko (nagbudots) So this was the closest thing I could get for you instead.

Anyway. Happy birthday! I know I've already have a separate letter for you from the Emiiles, but I would not mind repeating it a thousand times and more for you how much I love you. I never considered mysef a romantic until I met you, as ironic as that may be considering my writing, but I had always thought that love as warm as this could only ever be fictional until you came and proved me wrong. You came tumbling in my life in the most fanfic-esque and Best Selling YA Novel type of story telling and showed me that love can come in the silliest form ever known but then appear as one of the best things that can ever come to life. My adoration to you is not limited in a form of butterflies in the stomach or the redness in my cheeks, but in a form where I always wish to better myself and grow more and more of a person who's worthy of loving you, and capable enough to care for us both.

Never did I ever think that I'd picture wanting to be with someone until the end of time, or at least until wherever time may lead us, but I do intend to keep us past eternity and more. I've never been a poet with my own feelings but I find myself wanting to be that for you, but at the same time cut out the romanticness and just turn it into pure, unfiltered and true love. You ground me everyday, and take care of me in the most patient and loving way possible that I can't help but want to do it for myself more so that you don't have to do it for me so often, and so that I can stand on my own two feet while holding your hand. There are a lot of things that's ever happened to me, but you're one of my most favorite out of all of them.

I am happy that we met, and happy that we will continue to have each other more and more. I am happy that I've let you met my found family and happy that they love you too and how you love them as well. I'm happy that we get to create worlds together, and that we get to have our passions matched with the same energy and love for them. I've always been shy about my own work until you made me learn to love it more, and have never been introduced to someone's work with such overflowing love and creativity that I can't help but love it as much as you do; and wish to love it more to see it grow along with mine.

There are not enough words to convey how much I am in love with you, and I don't think any language will perfectly capture the feeling I have for you. Though, one thing I am sure of, it's the fact that I would want to be with you and grow along with you in the rest of my life.

I cannot wait for the day until you bring me to the aisle and we exchange vows.

My darling Daniel, I love you, I'm in love with you, mahal kita. Salamat sa pagsasagot sa aking panalangin.

Yours, and nobody else's, with full love